Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It's Your Choice

The first week in her new middle school, Melissa watched kids quietly. She finally decided which group she wanted to belong to, and she planned how to get them to accept her. They finally did, but this group’s activities landed Melissa in trouble. One weekend everything blew up in her face. Finally Melissa prayed, “Lord, I guess I don’t know how to choose good friends. You can see into their hearts. Please bring me the friends you want me to have.” Melissa was lonely for a few weeks, but then she was paired in a flute duet with a girl she truly liked. Later she shared an assigned spot in the science lab with another girl who turned out to be a believer.

When you let God choose for you—whether it’s friends, clothes, or extracurricular activities—you’ll end up with God’s best. Be patient. Continue to pray while you wait. Don’t get in a hurry and settle for less than the Promised Land God has in mind for you.

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