Monday, August 15, 2011

Fooled by Flattery

You have been best friends with Sara for three years, but when Britney moves in next door to you, things change. Every time Sara calls you, Britney is there. Britney now rides to school with you too. You wish you could be best friends with them both. Britney is so sophisticated, and she thinks you’re the cutest girl in your class. She also gushes about your parents being cool, your house being neat, and your baby brother being adorable. Soon Britney is running in and out of your house as if it were her own. However, a month later things began to disappear from your home: your dad’s watch, money from your mom’s purse, a DVD. You are horrified to realize that things turn up missing after Britney has visited. You were so flattered by Britney’s praise that you didn’t see the real reason behind it.

Unfortunately, there are some phony people in the world. Like Britney, such people are looking for people to use. “These people . . . boast about themselves and flatter others for their own advantage.”(Jude 16 TNIV) Sincere compliments from a friend are wonderful! But wise up—and don’t be fooled by phony flattery.