Monday, July 11, 2011

Here Come the Plagues!

You’ve received a few warnings from your dad. “Limit your phone calls to ten minutes,” he says, “and then finish your homework.” You lose track of time, and an hour slips by. Dad warns you again about losing phone privileges, but you keep talking. Finally, Dad unplugs your phone and takes it away with him. You had several chances to obey the phone rule. When you refused, consequences forced you to obey.

God did the same thing with a very famous king. “Then the LORD said to Moses, ‘Pharaoh is very stubborn, and he continues to refuse to let the people go.’” (Exodus 7:14 NLT) God gave Pharaoh many, many chances. In total, God unleashed ten crushing plagues against Egypt before Pharaoh finally obeyed. Don’t be stubborn like Pharaoh! Instead, be obedient to those in charge of you: parents, teachers, and pastors. It’s much easier to humble yourself than to have God humble you!

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