Monday, March 1, 2010

Going Backwards

People who follow God for a while but later return to their old ways of sinful living are sometimes referred to as “backsliders.” A backslider’s life is eventually filled with negative consequences. Megan was sad when her friend Tia stopped coming to youth group, where they had both sung with the praise band. Megan continued to sing on youth night, and eventually the band was asked to perform in church. Months later, the group made a music CD. Bit by bit, Megan’s dream of being a Christian vocal artist was coming true. And Tia? The new crowd she hung out with preferred parties to church, and one night Tia was injured in a car accident. The driver was underage and drunk. Tia would be in therapy for months to regain use of her legs.

What happened to Tia was the result of her own actions, not a punishment from God. Actions have consequences, either positive or negative. If a farmer planted weed seeds in his field, he would harvest a worthless crop of weeds. It wouldn’t be God doing anything to him. It would be the result of his own actions. “Your wickedness will punish you; your backsliding will rebuke you.” (Jeremiah 2:19 TNIV) Sinful living simply has its own consequences.

So pull out the weeds in your life. Plant healthy seeds in their place. Then get ready for a harvest of blessings!

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