Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Roll the Dice!

In biblical times, the lot may have been several pebbles held in the fold of a robe and then drawn out or shaken to the ground. It was a common practice for making decisions, like throwing dice today or flipping a coin. However, God—not chance or luck—is in control of how things turn out. (Proverb 16:33)

You love the new house you’re moving to. Finally you’ll get a bedroom of your own, apart from Emily, your younger sister. One bedroom has a tiny window, but the corner bedroom has two huge windows with trees right outside. In your mind, you’ve already decorated that room. When your family moves in, though, Emily wants that bedroom and refuses to take the other room. Your parents say that since you’re the oldest, you can have first choice. “That’s not fair!” Emily cries. You think about it for a moment. “Let’s try something that is fair,” you say. “Dad, flip a coin for us, okay? Emily, do you want heads or tails?” You trust that God is in control. If he wants you to have the corner room, you’ll get it.

This is what people in biblical times did when they cast lots. What was the point of casting lots to make decisions? It was fair—and it stopped people from fighting. “Casting lots causes contentions to cease, and keeps the mighty apart.” (Proverbs 18:18 NKJV) The next time that you and another person want the same thing—the last piece of pizza, choosing the TV channel, or picking a movie—try “casting lots” and bring peace to the situation.

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