Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Enemies: Whatcha Goin' To Do?

When it was time for the Israelites to leave their slavery behind in Egypt, God did a marvelous thing for them. He caused their former owners, the Egyptians, to like the slaves so much that they gave the slaves whatever they wanted to take with them! God can make even your enemies so pleased with you that they want to help you.

You wish your enemy would do that! You’re sick of being picked on at school. You have no idea why Jason, the class clown, has singled you out, but he’s made fun of you all year. You tried ignoring him, as your teacher suggested. You stood up to him and demanded that he stop it, like your dad suggested. You’re tempted to call him names back, like your best friend suggests. Finally, you give up and do what you should have done in the first place: you pray. You ask God to change Jason’s heart and cause him to be friendly to you. Every time he picks on you, you pray again. Slowly, over a matter of weeks, Jason stops making fun of you. One day when you drop your books, you’re astounded when Jason stops and picks them up for you.

God can change the hearts of people.

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