Monday, May 16, 2011

Those in Need

Your youth group wants to spread that message to the kids in the homeless shelter in your city. You’re excited to go for the first time. You envision playing games with kids happy to see you. Or maybe you’ll read stories to an eager group of toddlers. Maybe they’ll let you make cookies in the kitchen with some of the children.

Three hours later, you head home, silent in the back seat of the teacher’s car. Yes, you got to play some games, but the kids weren’t what you expected. Four of them asked you if you knew where their mommy was. Two begged to come home with you, and you had to peel one little girl from your leg. You look down at the round yellow smiley face pin on your jacket that says: "Smile! God loves you!" But you wonder…

It’s hard to look at some of the conditions in the world and see God’s love in it. But when man was first created, God gave human beings free choice. Human beings fail at loving others. They fail often, and they can fail badly. Without God’s love in our hearts, none of us can love anyone very well. Yes, people fail us. But God never does. Stay close to him. He is love—and he will love others through you if you let him. Keep giving to those in need. Let them see God’s love in you.

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